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Mr Grimsdale ?!

on January 29, 2012

Who’s that man?

That’s Norman Wisdom.

No THAT man.

That’s Norman Wisdom!

NO, not THAT man…..

Not that man......

….the old man.

.......that man!


Today we had that conversation.  Father in Law was watching Heroes of Comedy, that we had put on the TV, (because most days he can’t remember how to turn the TV on), chuckling away telling us how great Norman Wisdom is.  If you’ve seen this programme you’ll know that Norman himself, before his demise, tells the story of his rise to fame in short clips of an interview.  It was this older Norman that FiL didn’t recognise.

“That’s not Norman Wisdom!”

“Who is it then?”

“He’s old!”

“If Norman was making films in 1952 how old do you think he is now?”

A chink of light broke through the fog.  Just like him, Norman Wisdom had got older.

For a brief moment in that room it had been 1952.


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