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The Funeral Trip (day 1) ………..

on February 5, 2012
Veggie burger

Image by Dano via Flickr

Thursday evening we set off for the 250 mile trip to Yorkshire.  We had hoped to leave an hour earlier than we did but, hey ho, it wasn’t going to be fun whatever time we left.

When we arrived at F i L’s house a friend of ours was visiting.  He said to husband

“I’m really sorry to hear about your brother”

Now we were waiting to hear whether No. 1 Son was coming to the funeral (No. 3 Son had already wrangled his was out of it) so husband’s response was

“What about him?”

“Well,” said friend “he’s died hasn’t he?”

“No.  My dad’s brother died.”

Friend looked confused, then said

“Your dad told me his son had died.”

We could already tell it was going to be a fun trip.


After driving for a couple of hours we stopped for dinner.  F i L cannot miss a meal whether he is hungry or not.  We happened upon a fifties style diner and thought that it would be fun to eat there.

F i L has an infuriating habit, particularly for husband.  Wherever we order food or drink F i L will always order the same as husband, even when he has previously said he is going to have something else.  I said I was going to have a burger.  F i L also wanted a burger.  Husband was going to have the all day breakfast.  The waitress comes.  I order my burger, husband orders his breakfast and F i L – you guessed it – orders an all day breakfast.  Husband says

“No you wanted the breakfast burger!  He’ll have the breakfast burger.”

His burger comes to the table and F i L realises that he doesn’t actually know HOW to eat a burger.  Suddenly he’s watching me to see how it’s done.  The thing is I don’t like tomato or pickle so I’m taking them out of mine.  Now F i L thinks that you have to take the burger apart to eat it.  He spreads the pieces of burger across the plate and starts to eat them, but with a knife and fork.

He never ate the actual burger!



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