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The Recurring Insurance Issue

on February 6, 2012

As  you will know, if you’ve been following my posts, Husband and I took F i L to his brother’s funeral, and consequently had ‘earnt’ ourselves a couple of days break.  No. 3 Son had agreed to have F i L over for lunch (he was going to drive all 12 minutes to pick him up too having originally asked us to deliver him!) so we could have a full day as  our own little family.

Murphy is a strangely humoured bugger of a bloke!  He put his law into action and we were inundated with snow which meant that No. 3 son was unable to collect F i L.  My inbuilt alarm system started ringing.  If he’s left alone for more than a day he can cause havoc, but we stuck to our guns and stayed away.

F i L called me at 4pm today.  Without looking at my phone I knew it was him because his unique ringtone is that torpedo alarm claxon.  I genuinely had my hands full ( door keys in lock in one hand / Doberman on lead in other) so couldn’t pick up the call and it went to answerphone.

“Oh hello [No.2 Son]. Oh no it’s uhm [me] isn’t it? I’m in real trouble.  I don’t have any house insurance.  I’m going to the doctors at 6 but I’d like your help.”

I sigh.

Every time he is left for more than 24 hours he gets an overwhelming sense of panic.  He goes through his papers, which he can no longer understand, and becomes convinced he is missing some vital insurance or other.  On the odd occasion this panic manifests itself as the need to take another bank account which I then have to cancel.  He does already have 30 of them after all!

This insurance thing became such a problem a while ago, when he was ringing us 4 times a day for a week about it, that in the front of his paper’s is a sign in bold letters which reads:


first things first.  Does he really have a Dr’s appointment?  I ring them to check.  Yes, they know exactly who I mean and he does have an appointment.

I call F i L next.  He’s been on the phone to the insurance company and they have confirmed, as per the sign on his paperwork, he does indeed have insurance.  He’s a bit happier now and tells me that he’s going to the doctor.  I ask how he plans to get there given the snow and ice outside.  He’s planning to walk there which tells me that he hasn’t ‘seen’ the weather.  I arrange to collect and take him there instead.

Less than an hour later I drive to collect him and before I can get to his house I see the shuffling figure, bent over a walking stick, struggling through the snow.  He has already forgotten I was collecting him and has walked almost all of the way to the surgery.

I won’t bore you with the interim details of his appointment, but on leaving I tell him to wait under the canopy of a nearby shop while I recover my car to take him home.  As I round the bend to stop in front of the canopy I see that he has moved into the middle of the road and is knocking on the window f someone elses car asking to be let in.

For a brief second I hope that they do, and take him away.


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