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The Dementia Documentary

on May 15, 2012
Louis Theroux. Foto: Gaute Singstad.

Louis Theroux. Foto: Gaute Singstad. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few weeks ago there was a documentary on TV about dementia sufferers.  It was made/fronted by Louis Theroux, who comes across as slightly, affably, dazed.  It’s this air of not quite being sure what is going on that allows him to question people, getting more open and honest answers than others might.

In the past husband has, when faced with me reading or watching dementia related information, questioned why I am doing so, usually asking “What are you looking at that rubbish for?”

I was recording the documentary, but as there was nothing else worth watching I turned it on.  Husband was sat with me.  He likes Louis so that was a plus point, but I was still expecting him to turn the program off.  He didn’t, and we watched.

The program was a fascinating insight into the limits of some families abilities to cope, and care, for loved ones with dementia, the changes both sufferers and carers have to make, and in some cases the sacrifices made by the loved ones left behind.  One wife could only sit back and accept that her husband had forgotten that he was married and was embarking on new relationships.  Heartbreaking.

I hope that you get the opportunity to see this touching film some day.



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