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on June 18, 2012
20110808 Sheer decadence!

20110808 Sheer decadence! (Photo credit: Degilbo on flickr)

I own and run a dog walking and pet sitting business.

On Saturday I had a dog with me when Husband and I went to see F i   L.

No. 3 Son and the oldest of the Brats were there.  They were dropping off a Father’s Day card for the following day.  I sat on the floor (I am the wrong side of 40) while Brat sat comfortably in an armchair.  I was taught it is polite to give up my seat for an adult if there are none available but this has obviously bypassed No. 3 Son’s house so, after getting stiff on the floor, I sat on Brat’s lap to give him the hint he should move.

F i L was very taken with the dog.  He loves it every time I take one to visit despite having a cat and, as this one had the same name as the family dog from 50’ish years ago, he was loved even more.

We were making tea in the kitchen.  Husband had found some ‘misplaced’ ginger bread men in the cupboard (“I’ve been looking for those!”) and F i L started to dish them out, trying to give one to the dog.

“The dog can’t have that” I said

“Oh go on”

“No!  He can’t have sugary food.  It’s bad for him.”

“I’ll find him something else then.”

F i L rustled around in the cupboard and pulled out a packet of chocolate digestive biscuits.

“He can have these!” he said proudly

“No he can’t. Sugar and chocolate are poisonous to dogs.”

“Ah – here we go!  He can have these…”

F i L was so pleased to have found something suitable…………

A whole packet of Werther’s Original Toffees !?


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