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The Medication Review

on July 11, 2012

I haven’t been posting much lately because the volume of appointments and errands for F i L coupled with the volume of work at the moment, on top of Surgical extractions I’ve had done have more or less exhausted me.  I’m due to go away, for the first time in a year, shortly but as we’re camping and the weather in the UK is diabolical right now that may not happen :(.

Anyhoo!  Yesterday I received a text message from F i L’s GP reminding him of an appointment.  I get all of these messages because a) he can’t operate a mobile phone and b) it’s a good way of tracking all of the appointments he’s making there.  I asked Husband what the appointment was for as it wasn’t in my diary and, as he was as clueless as me, he called the surgery to find out.  It was F i L’s annual medication review.

The surgery had booked this appointment for him and sent it out directly to him and we hadn’t intercepted it.  We umm’ed and aah’ed until 11pm last night as to whether we should let F i L go on his own as no-one could go at such short notice with him.  If there were changes made to his prescription he wouldn’t remember what they were and, of course, there was the possibility he wouldn’t know why he was there.

This morning, bright and early, I got a call from F i L telling me that he was going to the doctors this morning but would be back in time for the afternoon appointment (don’t get me started on that fiasco!)

As far as I was aware husband hadn’t spoken to F i L about the appointment yet so I was surprised that he knew about it.  I spoke to Husband who in turn spoke to F i L. He told his dad that this was a review of all of his tablets and that he needed to take a pen and paper to write down anything he needed to tell us.

When I arrived for the afternoon appointment (someone was due to arrive from the Alzheimer’s Society by 3pm, but by 3.50 they still hadn’t) I asked about the review.

“Oh the doctor is giving me some special socks!”

He then went on to tell me about how he went to the pharmacy to get them but has to go back in the morning to have them fitted.

“What did the doctor say about all of your tablets?”

“She only asked me how I was. I told her that i was having trouble walking and that it’s embarrassing and she told me about the socks.”

“You didn’t talk about your medicine?”

“I don’t know”

I had just refilled his medicine box and was worried I may overdose him so I rang the surgery to check what had happened.

It was just as he said.

Despite the fact that he has confirmed Alzheimers his GP relied on him to be fully aware of why he was having the appointment, even though the GP had requested it!  Of course he didn’t have a clue and fell into his default position which is talking about his knees or feet.

We have remade the appointment for a time when both husband and I can be there.  We are going to insist that no communication goes through F i L.  We will insist that if an appointment is made a note is taken of what the appointment is for so that he doesn’t spend all of his time speaking about his feet and knees, and I am going to make it very clear that however it appears on the surface F i L has no cognition. All that is left is a veneer of polite chit-chat.


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